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Special Election Period (SEP) for victions of Hurricane Micahel will last through February 28, 2019! This Special Election Period is for Medicare beneficiaries who were prevented from submitting an enrollment request as a result of Hurricane Michael.

This SEP also includes those individuals who don't live hurricane-impacted areas but who rely on help making healthcare decisions from friends or family members who do live in the Hurricane Michael zone.

Beginning on December 8, after the close of the Annual Election Period (AEP), eligible individuals can enroll, dis-enroll or switch MA/MAPD plans through February 28, 2019. Enrollments are effective the first of the month after the plan receives the enrollment request.

Only those beneficiaries who did not make an election during AEP are eligible for the extension. If an enrollment decision was made during AEP, the beneficiary will not have this SEP available. The impacted beneficiary MUST have missed or was prevented from making an enrollment decision during an eligible enrollment period. (Note: the enrollment period can be specific to that beneficiary, i.e. loss of SNP or moving out of the area – but it should be verified as best as Anthem can prior to taking the application.)

Since the Open Enrollment Period (OEP) is running at the same time as the SEP, the SEP should be used first. IF the beneficiary uses the OEP first, they will not have the SEP available to them. If they use the SEP first then later change their mind about their election, the OEP is still available to them.

An individual can use this SEP one time for each election period they missed. Thus, individuals who made an election during AEP and/or used this SEP to make a 2018 plan election are ineligible to use this SEP.

Anthem may ask for proof of residence to determine if an individual resided in an affected area (e.g., driver’s license, utility bills, etc.) at the start of the incident period, but must accept an attestation if an applicant states that his or her documents were destroyed or are not accessible. When there are questions about eligibility, CMS will make the determination.