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Senior Markets

Here is a quick guide to navigating sales and marketing during the new OEP.

Who can make a change?

  • Enrollees in an MA or MAPD plan
  • Newly MA-eligible individuals

Who may not make a change?

  • Beneficiaries enrolled in original Medicare
  • Beneficiaries enrolled in a Medicare cost plan
  • Beneficiaries enrolled in a standalone Part D plan

What changes are allowed?

  • MA-Only to MA-Only
  • MA-Only to MAPD
  • MAPD to MA-Only
  • MAPD to MAPD
  • MA-Only or MAPD to original Medicare (with or without PDP)

What changes are not allowed?

  • Switching from original Medicare
  • Addition of Pard-D to original Medicare
  • Enrollment into a Medicare cost plan
  • Standalone PDP to a different standalone PDP

What marketing is permitted during OEP?

  • Sending marketing materials when a beneficiary makes a proactive request
  • At the beneficiary's request, having one-on-one meetings
  • At the beneficiary's request, providing information on the OEP
  • Target age-ins, duals, and LIS beneficiaries
  • Staying in touch with your existing customers

What marketing is not permitted during OEP?

  • Sending unsolicited materials advertising or referencing the OEP opportunity
  • Specifically targeting beneficiaries who are in the OEP by mailing list or other means of identification
  • Engaging in or promoting activities intended to target OEP for further sales
  • Calling or otherwise contacting former enrollees who have selected a new plan during AEP