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All PY 21 Certification & Re-certification courses will launch Tuesday, June 30, 2020, at NOON EST.* 


  • AHIP Test – Agents will be allowed up to 6 attempts to successfully pass the AHIP test. Agents who wish to receive the Humana discounted rate of $125.00 (3 attempts) must enter AHIP through Humana MarketPoint University.
  • Humana Test – The Humana portion will not have a test this year. Agents will sign an attestation upon completion of the course, stating they will abide by the guidance provided.
  • MAPD v. PDP-Only – At the completion of the 2021 certification & re-certification, all agents will be certified for all MA/PD products, regardless of what product(s) they certified for in years past. 
  • Humana MarketPoint University – Upgrade! Starting 6/30, HMU will be more user-friendly. The website will also be tablet & mobile-friendly.

Helpful Resources:

 Due Dates:

  • Initial Certification: Open until Summer 2021
  • Re-certification: 5:00 PM EST on November 30th, 2020
    • Although the last date to re-certify is 11/30, it is best practice to re-certify prior to 10/1. This will ensure the agent is compliant so that business is protected under the AOR Protection Pledge, should a member contact Humana to make a plan-to-plan change for 2021 during AEP.

* NOTE:  Does not include Spanish translation. Spanish versions will be available on a delayed basis.