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Prepare for the AEP with Medico by following their 3-2-1 guide!

3. Restore Your MyEnroller Accounts

If you haven’t logged into MyEnrollerSM during the last 90 days, your account will be locked, and you will be prompted to open a link and reset your password. After resetting your password, you can unlock your account by clicking on a link in an email that will automatically be generated when you attempt to log in. However, if you haven’t logged in for many years, you will need to call Agent Sales Support to have your account unlocked. Please check your MyEnroller status and read the instruction manual before calling Agent Sales Support with other MyEnroller questions.

2. Check Out New Prescriptions Feature

MyEnroller has a new feature that you’ll want to become familiar with it before AEP ramps up. On Oct. 1, Medico integrated the Medi-Span data system into MyEnroller to streamline listing applicants’ prescription drugs.

You must be connected to the internet to use Medi-Span. You’ll be able to type the first three letters of a prescription, and a list with those letters will populate so you can choose the medication. As more letters are entered, the list shortens. Once a medication name is selected, you can choose the correct dosage from a populated dropdown list.

1. Brush Up On Cross-Selling

With the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) right around the corner, now is the perfect time to refresh your knowledge of cross-selling Medico’s products. Visit the Medico Information Center’s “Cross-selling counts” page, which features these combinations and more:

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