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Devoted Health just got their first-ever Star Ratings! Both their Florida and Texas plans earned a 4.5 Star Rating out of 5 Stars in 2022. They've also received 5 Stars for a few measures they’re very proud of, including:

  • 5 stars for customer service
  • 5 stars for overall rating of the health plan
  • 5 stars for overall rating of the drug plan

To Devoted Health, this performance — especially their customer service rating — means the world. They are incredibly proud and humbled by this accomplishment. Devoted Health was started with the goal of creating a health plan that treats members like family. To see that their members love their plans shows they're doing something right. Devoted Health can’t wait to find ways to create an even better experience for their members as they grow.

Excited to start selling with Devoted Health? Here are some helpful tools:

  • Access Devoted Health's Agent Portal - A one-stop-shop to Devoted Health resources and an easy way to get certified with them, submit an electronic application and view your book of business.
  • Order AEP materials - Devoted Health has new and exciting items such as Medicare comparison worksheets, mail direct options, enrollment kits, plan flyers, etc. to help you sell with them. Log in using your NPN and DOB if you’re RTS with them

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