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Beginning June 23, 2011, you will notice some changes to E-Store's design. These enhancements will make it more intuitive for you, and make surfing through the application process quicker and easier

for your clients!

Quote All Plans on One Screen
Now you can quote Short Term MedicalSM and Dental plans with the renewable
health insurance quote.
•   It's simple, similar to adding an optional benefit, making one-stop-shopping
much easier!

•   Quickly and easily quote multiple plan types together to email a more complete
quote to your client.
•   Applying for Personal Health Insurance, Short Term Medical, and Dental
stand-alone at the same time now
means, single registration! Your clients
will only have to sign-in one time (not three) to be able to see all the plans,
including Dental and/or Short Term plans you have quoted for them.

Application Screens Have Been Reduced
•   Health application questions are displayed on fewer screens, so navigation is quicker!
•   Fewer clicks, equals faster completion time!

Payment & E-Signature
•   Payment method and frequency can be specified for each plan individually!
•   Once an applicant is ready to submit their applications, they will only need to
e-Sign once!

Note: separate policy numbers and separate payments will be made for each
applied-for plan.

Better Book of Business
Keep your eyes peeled within the "My New Business" and "My Existing Business" areas of E-Store. Improvements have been made to provide you with more information about your client's application status to help make it easier for you to manage your book of business.