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  • Get your FFM Certification to be eligible to sell for all U65 carriers.

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    **New From CMS**

    CMS has released information on what agents and brokers need to know about the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and how it will affect the health insurance market.
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  • Carrier Availability By State
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    Ambetter is offering contracted brokers the chance to earn a one-time, per member bonus for eligible members enrolled from February 15, 2021, through May 15, 2021. **Now updated to August 15th!**

      No. of Eligible Members One-Time Bonus
    Eligible States** 10-49 members $100 per member
    50-199 members $125 per member
    200-349 members $175 per member
    350+ members $200 per member

    In order to participate in the bonus program, you must complete the 2021 SEP Bonus Program Agreement. Click here to view Ambetter's 2021 SEP Bonus Program Agreement.

    Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

    Click here to view Anthem's ACA SEP bonus for most states. Click here to view Anthem's ACA SEP bonus for the state of California.

    BlueCross BlueShield Of North Carolina

    Earn $100 per new medical member, once your agency enrolls at least five (5) new members on effective dates in the program - Click Here

    BlueCross BlueShield Of South Carolina

    Effective Dates March 1st - June 1st, 2021
    Individual Contract $50 one-time payout
    Family Contract $100 one-time payout

    The plans must effectuate by June 1, 2021, to qualify for the per contract bonus and payouts* will take place after final effectuation in June.

    *There will only be a one-time payout for this bonus by the end of August 2021. Members switching from BlueChoice HealthPlan of South Carolina to BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina are NOT eligible. BlueCross will measure each agent's ;block of business beginning onFeb. 14, 2021 and ending after the final effectuation in June. The one-time payout will only come from the net growth during the bonus timeframe and not from the agent's entire block of business.

    Bright Health


    Between February 15th and May 31st, 2021, earn $50 per member after a seven-member minimum has been met. Click here to learn more.

    Molina Healthcare

    Write policies during the SEP that effectuate between 3/1/21 and 6/1/21 to earn a bonus! Click here to learn more.


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  • Make sure you have your E&O!

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