National General: Product Changes Coming May 27

National General has new discounts and rate reductions coming May 27 with the first available effective date May 28, 2022, unless otherwise noted.

Mutual of Omaha Has Increased Commissions On Dental Sales

Here's something that's sure to put a smile on your face — Mutual of Omaha has increased compensation on dental insurance sales!

Premium Change for SureBridge Prime DVH

After nearly three years of success in the Dental-Vision-Hearing market, the time has come to adjust pricing on the SureBridge Prime DVH product. This premium change will better position the product against rising costs and help ensure its continued success in the DVH space. Effective May 6, 2022, rates for SureBridge Prime DVH plans will be adjusted for new business and existing policies that have been in force for more than 12 months in the states of AL, AZ, CT, ID, IL, MN, NE, OK, and WY. Other states are expected to follow. SureBridge will notify you prior to future releases. 


Aetna: New requirements for Cancer and Heart Attack or Stroke Plus Plans in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Department of Insurance now requires insurers to provide "A Shopper's Guide to Cancer Insurance" published by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), to applicants at the time of application, and obtain written acknowledgment of receipt of the NAIC Shopper's Guide from all applicants.

National General's Dental Indemnity Rates Have Lowered In North Carolina!

National General is making it easier to make the sale in North Carolina with a 16.80% rate reduction on Dental Indemnity plans! The new rates apply to policies with effective dates of March 14, 2022, and later. 

Dental Indemnity coverage pays cash benefits to members when they have dental checkups and treatments, helping them catch small problems before they become big expenses. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you can help customers make the right choice for their budgets and needs.


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