Devoted Health: Preparing For AEP

Prepare for the AEP with Devoted Health's AEP to-do list.

Devoted in prep for AEP around MARKETING!

  1. Corporately hosted Marketing Portal trainings and AEP Readiness with Devoted Health's co-founders Ed and Todd! Both will be helpful AND interesting - especially Ed and Todd! Click here to view upcoming trainings.
  2.  Materials ship to agents THIS WEEK if they ordered by Sept. 9th. Agents can re-order sales materials starting today. Quantity limits of 50 per plan are still in place.
  3. Provider Directories are available to you electronically in the Marketing Portal. DO NOT SHARE. CONFIDENTIAL UNTIL 10/1 AND THEN USE ONLINE DIRECTORY FOR MOST UP-TO-DATE PROVIDER ROSTERS
  4. In the Marketing Portal, choose "2023 General Enrollment Materials" > "2023 Provider Directories" --- DO NOT CLICK the notify me button if you wish to open it rather than order copies. Simply click the image of the directory and change from "physical" to "electronic".
  5. 2023 direct mail and marketing flyers are also available. 
  6. Last virtual rollout training Thursday, September 22nd at 10am. Sign up here if you want to review any of the Devoted story in depth.


If you have any questions, call us today at 866-568-9649!


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