Connect for Health Colorado Offers Funding Opportunity for Expanded Enrollment Assistance

For Brokers and Agencies interested in the Enrollment Center Opportunity (see the attached ALERT sent 3.14.2022). To be considered, you must submit an application on or before the deadline of April 25, 2022. The applications will be reviewed, and awards made on or before May 27, 2022. This is a two-year cycle. Keep in mind that all current Enrollment Centers must reapply as well. 

Who May Apply
Connect for Health Colorado welcomes applications from community-based organizations, medical facilities, associations, ranching and farming organizations, chambers of commerce, unions, state and local human service agencies, Certified Brokers/Broker Agencies, and other organizations that meet the criteria for selection. 

How to Apply

  1. See instructions and apply by April 25, 2022 at
  1. View webinar recording from prior March 29th Application Cycle Webinar 2 in C4U Training Portal at
  1. Based on questions received through the Webinar process, an FAQ document has been posted for your reference!

If you have questions, call us today at 866-568-9649!


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